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It’s 2022 – Have you retested your Radon Levels?

Your home should be considered one of the safest places for your family. That may not be the case if your home contains high levels of radon. Even if you’ve tested in the past, it may be time to test again. You should retest every few years to ensure the levels are within the safe levels, especially if you are in a developing area. As ground is broken and earth is shifted, new radon pockets can be exposed. Even as old houses settle, radon can still become an issue.

In climates with variable temperatures like the midwest, houses continue to settle with each hot and cold transition between summer and winter. This shifting can cause visible changes like cracks in the sidewalk or chips and pockets in driveways and patios. This same shifting can potential effect and uproot some new pockets of Radon. So even if a house tested negative in the past, 3 years later the story can change. Testing is easy. We do all the work, and your family enjoys their safety and health.

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