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Real Estate Radon

­­­Radon Testing for Real Estate


If you are a Real Estate Agent, you know that radon gas issues often occur after a sale agreement has been signed. This is when buyers have the home inspected and with the new radon law, will probably have a radon test conducted as well. This frequently is a time when the schedule is tight and all parties are anxious to know about anything that might hold up the closing. Since radon is a safety issue, it is much more likely to require resolution before the closing as opposed to simply an allowance at closing.


We at JBL understand this and can conduct a radon gas test generally at the same time as the home inspection. We will get the results to your clients the same day we pick-up of the monitors. Our reports are complete with test result and safety information about radon. All our monitors are Sun Nuclear monitors and we use the new 1028 model, which gives a much easier to understand report, whenever they are available. You can feel assured that your clients will be in the best of hands with JBL, “only testing can provide peace of mind.­”